Audio Review: KEEPER by Amy Daws


You may have heard of the infamous footy-playing Harris Brothers...or you may have heard of the amazing duet-style narrating with Will Watt and Charlotte Cole, well, you're in for a treat! Keeper on audio has just gone live!

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Footy star, Booker Harris shares a flat with his best friend from childhood. 
Problem is, she's not a little girl anymore. 

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Duet-style is like a movie in your ears! Here's a sample: 

I can never get enough of the Harris Brothers! Amy Daws has written a heartwarming story about the youngest Harris brother and his quirky best friend, Poppy. This best-friends to lovers romance has several different elements that constructs a humorous, yet a very emotional read. We have angsty moments while Booker and Poppy live as roommates trying to get back into their normal best friend routine, while combating their new lustful feelings for each other. 

Booker is a sweetheart that has a strong, protective personality. He’s somewhat stubborn, but an absolute charmer. He’s able to let loose and have fun around Poppy, and in those moments we can see a side of him that doesn’t present itself unless he’s around her. He has so many insecurities stemming from the loss of his mother, and doesn’t know how to listen to his heart and express his love. He can barely do so with his own family, and allowing himself to do so in regards to Poppy is where the problem lies.
There’s a serious struggle with this since Poppy has such a powerful magnetism. She’s adorable and instantly likable, nay, lovable. I can’t decide if I want to be her, be friends with her, or be with her. She has such a fun personality, always singing out her words, and just being naturally endearing. Their banter is so authentic in every way and successfully kept me hooked. The steamy moments that occur when they give in to their desires will have you licking and biting your lips, as you sit in front of the fan.

The couple’s background/flashbacks allowed for a good deal of depth in the story and made me invested in their relationship. We’re able to see how dependent (in a healthy way) they were on each other throughout their young lives. I felt the close relationship between Poppy and Booker; felt the pain of both when they were apart and their frustration with the situation. They find that it was much easier to resist each other as children, than in present time as adults. It takes them awhile to realize they don’t stand a chance against attraction. These two are soulmates and ignoring it only works for a hot minute. The complication in this story really comes down to miscommunication, which is always frustrating, and in this case, also leads to several emotional scenes. I definitely teared up during a couple moments where their emotions boil over and truths are revealed. Their predicament is so darn relatable, and that aspect made me forget I was reading about fictional characters.

The secondary characters are the cherries on top of this delectable sundae. Family is such a big part of this series, and I love being able feel the warmth of the Harris clan. They very much add support to the story and the main characters themselves. Daws does a beautiful job with the writing so that readers can form connections to her characters, so that when we revisit them, it feels like coming home.

The audio was of course superb! Will Watt is a favorite of mine, and that’s simply because he always nails the character’s tone and verbal quirks so perfectly. He dabbles in a few different accents here and performs them to a tee.  Charlotte Cole is a narrator that I’m not familiar with outside of this series, but she never fails to match her voices with the characters. Her singing of Poppy’s dialogue was so cute, and definitely helped to increase the likability of the character.


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