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If I thought Holly Woods was crazy before, I was wrong. Devin is finally married. Nonna's on the wedding warpath. Drake might be getting ideas. His mom just dropped a bombshell, and Bek is caught between a hot as hell FBI agent and my super-sweet little brother. And I still don't have the shoe closet Drake promised me when he moved in six months ago. At least there's one positive: the old, abandoned Holly Woods Theater is about to reopen, and there's nothing like a theater opening to bring people together... And make crazy grandmothers forget proposal agendas. Until that theater comes with a dead body. A very, very, very dead body. Chaos is coming to town. Everything I've ever known about Holly Woods might just be about to change.



It’s always a pleasure to get back into the world of Noelle Bond & Co. We’re on book five of the Holly Woods Files series now and still the characters are developing beautifully and the mysteries are continuing to be wonderfully executed.

The current case hits a bit closer to home for Noelle, and she struggles on sorting out all of her emotions. Not only is their a new mystery to be solved in the town of Holly Woods, but Noelle’s also having to deal with Drake’s parental issues, and of course, good ol’ Nonna’s marriage insistence. 

The book begins with a spine-tingling, bone-chilling opening prologue. I had to take a breath before continuing on with the story, because that was quite the intense mini chapter. This case was a bit tougher than the others emotionally. Despite seeing very little of the victim, I managed to feel for them and sympathize with the pain they must’ve gone through. 

One downside that I found with this installment was that it lacked a bit of the usual nail-biting suspense. I felt as though the intensity of the series dropped down several levels in this book. The characters stole my attention away more often than not. 
The crime took a bit of a back seat to the relationships and family dynamics.

Drake and Noelle are amazing together. They continue to balance each other’s personalities and lives. The love they have for one another is simply precious. Their interactions are both passionate and tender. They truly brought tears to my eyes in this book, and I just love how they’re progressing. 

Lots of laughs and top-notch banter, of course. Gio stole the scene at one point, but doesn’t he always? His counterpart, Nonna, is also glorious in all her nosiness. As annoying as she can be to her family, I think she’s the cherry on top of the Bond sundae. The secondary characters are such an integral part of the series and I love how Emma Hart writes for them without taking away from Droelle.

Bring on the next book!



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