Book Review ✭ True Divide (True, #3) by Liora Blake +Excerpt

Title: True Divide

Author: Liora Blake
Series: The True Series, #3
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publish date: October 19, 2015
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
Pages: 233
Format: eBook
Source: publisher via NetGalley

Spitfire Lacey Mosely feels stuck in a life she didn’t necessarily want. But will she find a happy ending with the man who broke her heart? Liora Blake concludes her witty and poignant True series with this spirited romance.

What do you do when the one boy you were never quite able to forget lands on your doorstep?

Lacey Mosely feels stuck: in her rural town of Crowell, Montana, at her job as manager of The Beauty Barn, and in her lackluster love life. Enter Jake Holt, one-time misfit and Lacey’s secret high school love. Ten years later, Jake is a private pilot whose travels take him all over the world, and once he shows up in Lacey’s life again—at the most unexpected time—he can’t seem to stay away. Now it’s up to Lacey to decide if she’s ready to let go of the past…and take a leap of faith for love.

Lacey Mosely loved Jake Holt back in their high school days. She was the popular cheerleader and he was the misfit. But she didn’t let that stop them from forming a relationship. He was the only one who ever really listened to her, and he was there when she needed him. The day of their graduation Jake left without a goodbye or any word at all. She was left heartbroken and confused by his disappearance and lack of contact.

Ten years later Lacey is still a resident of their hometown of Crowell with nothing to really call her own. The only thing in her life she really excels at and enjoys doing is working at The Beauty Barn. Her love life has been messy in the past and is currently nonexistent. Then one day, Jake comes into her life. This time he’s back as a different person. He’s nothing like she remembered physically or characteristically. Jake is now confident, blunt, and determined to reconnect with Lacey.

Now that Jake has a solid career he loves, he knows he can never permanently stay in the town that held him back. 
But Lacey’s heart and soul is in Crowell and she can never imagine leaving.
The two have to make difficult decisions that’ll affect them both and determine their future as a couple.

All in all, this was my least favorite of the series. It wasn’t that it was terrible or poorly written, just didn’t have the same spark that the other two did.
I really loved seeing the way they reconnected. It wasn’t all make out sessions and lusty romps. There was a good majority of their reconnection that happened through emails and phone calls. I think that was a really important factor in their relationship, and always a good way to determine if the couple has lasting potential. 
There was no doubt that Jake and Lacey had a strong connection and the chemistry was hot. I liked them as a couple, but it was more so Lacey’s character that didn’t appeal to me.

While Lacey was a relatable character, there were characteristics that really bothered me about her. She worried way too much about what others thought, she was quite insecure of herself altogether, and she overthought a lot of the time. For her age, she struck me as a bit fussy. The way she strung him along and gave up on him was also irritating.
Jake was a really sweet and dedicated man. He helped around the house as much as he could and enjoyed doing it and simply being there for Lacey. He was the most surprising character that won me over instantly.
The ending was a bit bland, especially since I was under the impression that this was the final book in the series. That being said, I wish there had at least been an epilogue to tie everything together.

This second chance romance about reconnecting with a high school sweetheart is humorous, emotional, and plenty sexy. A good book for fans of contemporary romance readers.

Liora Blake is a contemporary romance author living in Colorado.

When she isn’t writing, she’s likely baking cookies she shouldn’t eat, inventing elaborate excuses to avoid going for a run, or asking the nice barista to sell her another quad-shot Americano.

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