✭Book Review✭ Pawn, Vol. 1 by Maya St. James

Pawn by Maya St. James 
Published: January 27, 2015 
Pages: 125 

“I want to spend your last semester getting you out of those fucking pearls and on all fours.” 

That’s what he said to me when he found out that with one semester of college left, my father—his colleague—had cut me off. Young, wickedly handsome, and deliciously moody, Senator Graham Delaney’s filthy proposition to cover tuition in exchange for one semester of kink was terrifying and thrilling and offensive. Very, very offensive.

If you’re wondering if I told him to go screw himself after he gave me his ultimatum—if the night ended with me slapping that smirk off his face—that didn’t happen.

Instead, I did what I needed to do.
I just didn’t expect to like it.

*WARNING: The pages of this book contain filthy words and naughty situations. Reader discretion advised.

Book 1 of a 3 part serial

Volume 1 (ebook) : January 27, 2015

Volume 2 (ebook): February 14, 2015
Volume 3 (ebook): February 27, 2015
Vol 1 to 3 Paperback: February 27, 2015

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::: 4.5 Stars |  Dual POV | Sexy as sin Senator | Serial (1 of 3) | Mild Cliffhanger :::

Eleanor Courtney, daughter to a senatorial politician, has been recently cut off financially due to a disagreement with her father. She’s in need of a job when Senator Delaney propositions her with a shocking offer. One she’s willing to take if it means a semester’s worth of free tuition.

Senator Graham Delaney has come up with the perfect plan for his vendetta towards Elle’s father. He’s extremely vague about what he did exactly, but it must be huge if he’s willing to go this far. With his wicked scheme and sexy tricks, Elle is as good as his. 

Graham wanting to keep their relationship secret doesn’t strike Elle as odd seeing as he holds such a respectable role that’s constantly in the limelight. Luckily, their arrangement works well with her situation too. While Elle falls victim to the senator’s good looks, she fails to see that she’s his key piece to taking down her dad. She’s Graham’s perfect Pawn.
…she’s my pawn, and my lust for her is nothing but a game. 

I love to hate that gorgeous but oh-so douchey man. The man is made up of arrogance, deceit and sexual prowess. For the better part of this book he made me forget the ruse he created involving Eleanor. Yes, even I was being fooled by this drop dead sexy politician. 

I’m intrigued by Graham’s political past with Elle’s dad and I’m interested to see how this relationship is going to play out. There’s already such a fascinating dynamic between the vying personalities. It’s either going to be a hot mess or delicious train wreck. Either way, I’m strapped in and ready for the ride.

This novella is obviously short but I’m already acclimated to Maya St. James’ writing style and I’m loving it so far. Nice mixture of mystery, sensuality, humor and drama. I have no doubt this author is cooking up something wicked for us next.
Lovers of alpha males definitely need to start this series!

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