ARC Review: The Other Side of Someday by Carey Heywood
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Falling in love? Courtney Grayson has been there, done that.

Men, who needs them? Love wasn’t everything she thought it would be. This time around she’s doing things differently. She hasn’t sworn off men for good, just isn’t interested in settling. Trusting someone with her heart again? Someday, but not today.

Falling in love? Sorry, Clay Bradshaw is not the guy for you.

He’s never been in love and he doesn’t see it happening. Hooking up can be fun, but more often than not, women are a distraction he doesn’t need. He’s a busy man, and doesn’t have time to date, let alone fall in love. Will someone ever change that? There’s always a chance, someday.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and love may find them both on the other side of someday.

From the start, the female lead caught my interest and my sympathy. Trust me, the first chapter will have you wanting to send her a fruit basket, but minus the fruit and add a ton of booze.
Poor, dear Courtney has found herself in the middle of a shit storm.
Everything bad that could happen, did happen.. all in one day!
Courtney Grayson should’ve collapsed into tears and a fit of depression, but she simply gave herself a few days to drown in her sadness and quickly came back up to face the world once again. She didn’t necessarily recover right away, but rather took on the slow process of moving on. What I liked about Courtney was obviously her resilience, but also the fact that she didn’t wallow in pity or obsess over trying to move on. She just let it happen. Her transition from engaged to single life was a bit bumpy, but the road of single life was effortless once she got started.

Finding Clay Bradshaw was the best thing that could’ve happened to her. His attraction, friendliness, and mere presence allowed her to open up and become the woman she once was. For the past eight years, she had lost herself in the never ending engagement. Being single once again showed her how much she was missing out on.

The quote says it all. Clay was sweet when she needed comfort, he was smoldering hot when she was feeling the lust consume her, and he was a friend to her when she needed to vent. He was everything he needed to be. I loved that he never let his animalistic lust take over and ruin the moment. He knew exactly when to rein it in, and he was always careful not to push her into a situation she wasn’t ready for.

Who knew getting a flat could give you a happily ever after?!

This was my second time reading Carey Heywood’s writing and I fell in love all over again. She manages to write these beautiful stories that incorporate every feeling possible. They’re sexy, emotional, comedic and inspiring. The perfect combo!
This is a really sweet and lovely story that takes you on a woman’s journey through finding love when all hope fades away from betrayal.

❤︎Rating: 4.5 Kisses

Yesterday's Half Truths (Carolina Days #2)

She never thought it would go this far.

It started out so innocently, but now has taken on a life of its own. Problem is, Lindsay Palmer doesn't know how to stop. Even worse, she doesn't want to stop. Her daily deceit has become both her greatest pleasure and deepest shame. Thousands of people love her, but would they if they knew the truth.

A simple favor for his baby sister brings Lindsay into Luke Jamieson's life. There's something about this girl that keeps her on his mind hours and days after each time they meet. Now here he is, falling in love with a liar. All he wants is for her to let him in, and maybe together he can lead her out of the cage of her own construction.

Will the truth set her free, or have her lies already destroyed everything?

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