Blog Tour: Tease (Ivy Chronicles #2) by Sophie Jordan +ARC Review & Giveaway

A young college woman gets schooled in life, sex, and love in New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s sizzling New Adult romance series—where three Ivy League suite-mates testing their boundaries as they seek higher knowledge of just how far they can go.

A born flirt and good-time party girl, Emerson has never had a problem finding a willing guy. 
She’s always chosen her hook-ups carefully, and she's never broken her three cardinal rules:
Never let them see the real you.
Never fall in love.  
Always leave them begging for more.

Then comes Shaw. A hotty from the wrong side of the tracks, he’s immune to her flirtatious banter and come-hither smile. After rescuing her from a disastrous night at a biker bar, he doesn’t even try to take her to bed—he calls her a tease and sends her home instead. Unable to resist a challenge, or forget the sexy dark-eyed bad-boy biker, she vows to bring him to his knees.

But instead of making Shaw beg, she finds herself craving him. For the first time in her life, she’s throwing out her rulebook. Suddenly, she’s the one panting for a guy she can’t control. A guy who won’t settle for anything less than the real Emerson, who forces her to do things she’s never imagined, including facing a past she thought she'd buried.
A guy who just might leave her wanting more . . .

I’m new to both Sophie Jordan and the Ivy Chronicles. So I went in with a clear head, no expectations, and no way of comparing it to the first book. 

Emerson is a tease. She’s a gorgeous young woman who parties and hooks up on occasion. She mostly does it to keep up appearances. She chooses to take control of the situation and never let her guard down when it comes to men. Her past has shown her that it's best that way. 

Deciding to accompany an acquaintance to a biker bar, Emerson quickly realizes that it may not have been wise to do so. A fight ensues, which she happened to cause, and her knight in shining armor is instead a biker in sexy tattoos. 

Shaw can’t help the desire building for this beautiful tease and he wants more from her than a quick hook up. Emerson’s not quite sure if she can take the plunge into a relationship, but she definitely feels something fierce for Shaw. 

Though at first Shaw was portrayed as a badass biker, he’s actually not that all. He’s sweet and has a heartbreaking past. He was the most likable character for me. He surprised me the way he went after Emerson and was determined to make her fall for him. 

Emerson on the other hand, I had a love/hate feel for her. She frustrated me for a good majority of the book. I completely got her reasons for putting up walls, but I think she overreacted at times. She let her past dictate her present/future way too much. She was even a debby downer around her friends and almost resented them for having good relationships and living life to the fullest. 
Once she started to let Shaw in, she quickly redeemed herself and became a more well-rounded person.

Characters from Foreplay, the first book in this series of course make an appearance in this story. Fans will undoubtably enjoy seeing Reece and Pepper again being all lovey dovey. 

Tease was a sweet and lovely read with a pinch of sexiness. All thanks in part to Shaw, of course! ;) 
There was a great balance between sexy and adorable that really made this an endearing romance story. 

*A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author/publisher for an honest review. This has in no way affected my review/opinion.
4 Teasing Kisses
About the Author:
Sophie Jordan grew up in the Texas hill country where she wove fantasies of dragons, warriors, and princesses. A former high school English teacher, she's also the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Avon historical romances. She now lives in Houston with her family. When she's not writing, she spends her time overloading on caffeine (lattes and Diet cherry Coke preferred), talking plotlines with anyone who will listen (including her kids), and cramming her DVR with true-crime and reality-TV shows. Sophie also writes paranormal romances under the name Sharie Kohler.

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