ARC Review: The Saint by Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Saint by Tiffany Reisz
Release date: June 24th
Before she became Manhattan's most famous dominatrix, Nora Sutherlin was merely a girl called Eleanor…

Rebellious, green-eyed Eleanor never met a rule she didn't want to break. She's sick of her mother's zealotry and the confines of Catholic school, and declares she'll never go to church again. But her first glimpse of beautiful, magnetic Father Marcus Stearns—Søren to her and only her—and his lust-worthy Italian motorcycle is an epiphany. Eleanor is consumed—yet even she knows being in love with a priest can't be right.

But when one desperate mistake nearly costs Eleanor everything, it is Søren who steps in to save her. When she vows to repay him with complete obedience, a whole world opens before her as he reveals to her his deepest secrets that will change everything.
Danger can be managed—pain, welcomed. Everything is about to begin.
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“Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell you the story of Kinglsey and me without telling you the story of Søren and me,” she said. “It’s all one story, the three of us.”

So a sadist, priest walks into a church…

The book begins with Nora deciding to share her story of how she met Kingsley with Nico, Kingsley's son.
Since they come as a package, the story also includes Søren. In fact, that’s with whom it all begins. 

Tiffany blew my mind with her words, stole my heart with her characters, and made me crave the lifestyle once again.
Her writing was so powerful and I was pulled into the story immediately. The intensity of Nora’s feelings and thoughts jumped off the page and straight into my heart. The story goes back and forth between the present, Nora telling Nico stories, and flashbacks of when she first met Søren. The transitions were effortless and came in at the perfect times.

Being a super fan of Søren, I don’t like seeing Nora with anyone else, but without Nico asking questions, we wouldn’t have gotten these juicy stories of Nora and Søren’s early years. If you’ve ever had any doubts in regards to Søren or still have not yet fallen for him, this book will get the job done. You really get a whole new perspective and begin to understand how they got to where they are now.

I devoured this book and I can safely say it was one of the best reading experiences I’ve ever had. I laughed, cried, and awed over the dark, yet beautiful moments Nora shared. Even the incorporation of Catholicism gripped me. Coming from a Catholic background, I found myself smiling and chuckling at some of the comments, and not necessarily believing in a God had me nodding along at others. I love the mixture of eroticism, romance, and intellectual writing.

If you’re a fan of the Nora+Søren+Kingsley team, then I recommend you go purchase this at once. You will have no regrets.
All you’ll be left with is a thirst for more blast from the past stories, soaked panties, and a yearning for your own sexy, Catholic priest.  

*A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.
Rating: 5 Sinful Kisses
About The Author:

Tiffany Reisz is the author of the highly acclaimed series The Original Sinners. Her first novel, THE SIREN, won the RT Editor's Choice Award for Best Erotic Romance of 2012. Slightly shameless, Tiffany dropped out of a conservative Southern seminary in order to pursue a career as a writer. This move, while possibly putting her eternal salvation in peril, has worked out better than she anticipated. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her boyfriend, author Andrew Shaffer.
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