ARC Review: Revenge Vol .4 by J.J. Knight

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There's a new threat to Dylan's music career: love.

Jess faces pressure to break up with Dylan, so he can find his inspiration in heartbreak.

When Dylan reveals the shocking details of his tragic past, Jess starts to worry about their future.

My Review

JJ Knight is such a wild writer. She always manages to confuse the heck out me! One minute I'm thinking I have the story all figured out and then it takes a sudden turn. I absolutely love that and it's the main reason why I've stuck with this series. 

Yay for answers! We get quite a few of them that eases the confusion one might have. The devious plan that Morris Music has conjured up and the reveal of Q's true identity are two things we find out in this installment. 

Jess has the ball in her court and can do some serious damage with it. I'm curious to see what she ends up doing with all the information she has. All she seems to care about it is Dylan and how the info will affect him, but she never for a second takes herself into consideration. I worry that Jess might very well get in the cross hairs of this battle (more so than she already is).

Jess and Dylan have become closer, but there is still barriers being thrown up by Dylan. He's yet to be fully committed to her and she certainly senses that. He continues to have his mood swings and she somehow manages to put up with it.  
I can see her working with him to ease away his stress and problems, but I feel it'll take time and perhaps some distance from LA.

Still waiting for more on Jess' roommate/sister and anticipating her involvement. She makes a surprising appearance in one scene that suggests she might be more involve than we think. 

I can't express how much I love the fact that this series always keeps me guessing and intrigued to the point where I'm checking my inbox every day like a mad woman hoping the next installment is waiting for me.
I'm eager to see how everything plays out and finishes in the final book. Which I'm both excited and sad for since it marks the end of the series. 

*A complimentary copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

My Rating: 4 kisses

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