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Merrick Drake.

Bartender, dirt bike racer, and far from settling down…until that one race, and that one girl that changed everything.

Amelia Driscoll.

Amelia took Merrick by surprise, bringing out emotions that he never knew existed. Amelia stole his heart…

Only to break it.

When fate puts Merrick and Amelia back together, it doesn’t come without a price- it comes with vengeance, determination, and putting his life on the line for the one he loves.

But, how much is Merrick willing to put on the line to have a future with no reason to hide? In the end, fate will decide...

Who's permanent.
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My Review:

~A Message from Merrick~
"I’m just going to put it out there…I’m sorry I’m a fucking pussy at the beginning of this book. It isn’t any secret, Amelia burned me bad—like motherfucking, stab me in the heart, leave me lying there by myself bad, but dammit, I wouldn’t change anything if I was ever given the chance. You’ll see that Amelia is damn near perfect and worth every second of misery she put me through. If you find yourself saying, “Jesus Christ, this guy needs to grow a set!” I don’t blame you, but just keep reading. I redeem myself pretty damn well, if I do say so myself, but beware, because holy shit do things get intense! Enjoy reading, my friends—my life is a whole cluster-fuck of crazy, but somehow it all comes full circle by the end."
Be aware that Merrick does act like a "pussy-whipped" guy at the beginning of this novel. He explains it before the novel starts with that excerpt you've just read. Some may say he acts like a girl, I say he acts like a man in love. A man who has met his soulmate and then had her leave him high and dry without any explanation. A man who yearns for his love to return to him, but is left to mope around all alone. 

I had the pleasure of beta reading this book, as I am part of Ashley's "A-Team". Having read Ashley's previous works, I was surprised to see how suspenseful this story was. It was different from anything she's done before.

I had read Running From Forever which introduced Merrick Drake for the first time. He stole the spotlight in that book and I fell in love. While Permanent Lines is a stand alone, I would actually recommend reading Running From Forever prior to P.L. There are references to certain past events that only make sense if you've read R.F.F. It allows the reader to have a deeper connection to the characters as well. 

Permanent Lines had me on the edge of my seat waiting for things to be revealed and taken care of. Despite having a suspenseful edge to it, the story does revolve around Merrick and Amelia. I loved seeing how they connected so deeply. They do have somewhat of an insta-love, but the flashbacks from their time together shows how connected they became to one another. They both made quite an impression on each other which lessens that annoying insta-love that is so popular among romance novels.  

Instead of getting nothing but sex scenes we usually do from the romance genre, the focal point in Permanent Lines, was that love and bond between Amelia and Merrick. Yes, there are a few sexy love scenes but each was unique and provided proof of that tie these two characters had. 

Even though this is a romance, it felt more suspenseful to me. The main focus of this novel was also the mission to get their happily ever after. Merrick needs to find a way to get Amelia out of her current world and safely into his. Talking about it even just a smidgen more would be a spoiler. Let me just say, the mission is that of life and death. 

The book went through major changes since I first read it, but it only improved greatly. I have to give a round of applause to Ashley for her first attempt at this genre. I know how stressful and demanding it was for her, but it all paid off in the end. 

*An eARC was provided by the author for an honest review. This has in no way affected my review/opinion.

My Rating: 4.5 Kisses

About the Author

Living in Syracuse, New York, Ashley Wilcox is happily married to her husband of over six years, and a mommy to two little boys, and one little girl who is expected to be here in March 2014. Through her addiction for reading, Ashley has discovered her passion for writing. She loves reading and writing about anything romance. Some books that Ashley is most commonly known for are The Forever Series, Summer Rush, and her latest, Permanent Lines.

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