❃Happy Thanksgiving Sale❃

Here are a few books that are on sale for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Nov. 28 & 29 only!
Amazon US | Amazon UK 
Nov. 28 & 29 only!
Amazon US | Amazon UK

Crashing Back Down is on sale for $.99

Ignite will be on sale for $.99 until midnight on Sunday

Kitchen Affairs, Riverside #1

Kitchen Scandals, Riverside #2

Spark, Spark #1

Burn, Spark #2

One day only!
Amazon | Barnes & Noble 

5 days only on this awesome sale from Jillian Dodd

Stalk Me ➜ Amazon
Kiss Me ➜ Amazon
Date Me ➜ Amazon
Love Me ➜ Amazon
Adore Me ➜ Amazon 
Cameo's YA Paranormal Romance is on sale for 2 days!