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Author: Marni Mann                        
Title: Seductive Secrecy (Book 2 Shadows series) 
Release date:  October 24, 2013 
Publisher: Booktrope 
Age Group: Mature Adult 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
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Book Description:
Seductive Secrecy (book #2)
With a shadow cast over the mansion, can Charlie and Cameron overcome the destruction of their pasts and rebuild their future, or will the revelation of painful, shocking secrets pull them back into the darkness?

Seductive Shadows (book #1)
Charlie is a passionate, sensually-inspired art student, desperately seeking an escape from the abusive past that haunts her and a tragic accident that emptied her heart. Scarred and unable to love, her yearning for physical pleasure leads her into a tantalizing, dangerous world of power and seduction. The anonymity of the deal offers security; the money brings financial freedom and the madam is the mother figure she longs for.

But the thrill of the mansion and its arousing dominance quickly fades when she meets renowned-yet-mysterious Cameron Hardy, whose intense baby blue eyes send a nervous flutter through her core. Cameron is sexy, and not in a subtle way. He stimulates Charlie’s art, her intellect and her desires. Just as he begins to break through her emotional boundaries, she discovers a devastating connection between her past and her scandalous work at the mansion, shattering everything she thought to be true.

Provocative, intoxicating and erotic, Seductive Shadows is the unforgettable tale of a young woman’s self-discovery as she learns to forgive, to love and be loved, and to find redemption amidst a remarkable journey that will captivate your mind and stimulate your soul.

This book is for mature audiences. It contains explicit language and sexual content.

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Excerpt from Seductive Secrecy
“A New Mansion”
I flicked off the bathroom light, allowing the candles to warm the space as I slowly sauntered over to him. Even in those heels, I still only came up to his neck…which was where I placed my first kiss. His body stiffened under my mouth; his breathing increased. I felt him begin to reach for me, but I pulled away and took a step back. The movement allowed him to take in my full outfit from a much closer view. I had felt his eyes on me during the walk over to him. Now they bore through me.
“It was well worth the wait to see you like this,” he said.
Keeping my eyes fixed on him, I turned on my heels so he could see both sides, and completed the full twist. “You have excellent taste.”
He shook his head. “You’d look good in anything.”
I could tell by the way he gripped the molding of the door that he was having a hard time keeping his hands off me. As much as I needed them on my body, the feeling of want that consumed me felt so good that I could tolerate it for a little longer.
“Sometimes I look at you and I’m amazed that you’re mine.”
I knew the words had come from his mouth, but it felt as if I had spoken them. It was exactly what I’d been thinking; that, after everything we had experienced together, everything he knew about me, he still treated me the way he did. He still wanted me as much as he had before he knew the truth. He showed me continuously that he wanted me even more. And I felt the same. Cameron made me insatiable; as much as he gave me, I wanted to be even closer than we were. I wanted his breath to come from my mouth every time I exhaled.
He didn’t take a step forward. He just reached out his hand and felt along the shrug, following the fabric until he arrived at the knot between my breasts. He untied both sides and pulled it off my shoulders. His fingers then circled around me, and without warning he yanked me toward him. My palms settled on his chest, my mouth moving closer to his as he had bent his neck to reach me. Our lips didn’t touch; they hovered, each waiting for the other to close the gap.
We simmered in the temptation.
He was the first one to move. His mouth finally crushed against mine, his tongue dipping inside with each kiss. After several, he pulled away. We were both left breathless, our chests rising and falling as we tried to calm ourselves.
“Walk to the bed,” he ordered.
It was another similarity to the mansion. But coming from him, knowing that meant he was even closer to touching me, it made a different impact. I turned my back to him and took a step.
He stopped me.
His hand plucked my lip out from under my teeth. “Only I can taste that tonight.”
I nodded, and I continued to the bed. Before I got the chance to sit, he’d slipped in front of me, backing me up until I rested against one of the bedposts. My arms reached above my head and gripped the wood between my fingers.
“Can I feed you some champagne?” he asked.
I glanced at the nightstand where two empty glasses sat. A bottle had been placed in an ice bucket. “No,” I replied. “The only thing I want in my mouth is you.”

About the Author
A New Englander at heart, Marni Mann is now a Floridian inspired by the sandy beaches and hot pink sunsets of Sarasota. She taps mainstream appeal and shakes worldwide taboos, taking her readers on a dark and breathtaking journey. When she's not nose deep in her laptop, she's scouring for chocolate, traveling, reading, or 
walking her four-legged children. Visit her at

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