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If you ask me if Jonathan Statham makes me happy, I’ll say ‘Absolutely. He’s the man of my dreams and I can’t wait to marry him.’ If you ask me why my ex-husband Ryan is currently one inch away from me—staring into my eyes and pressing his hand against my cheek, I’ll say, ‘I have no fucking idea…’

Claire Gracen finally has the life she’s always wanted: A career she loves, a man who’s willing to do any and everything for her, and friends that show her the true meaning of the word ‘friendship.’

As she and Jonathan prepare to make the ultimate commitment to one another and plan the wedding of her dreams, she quickly realizes that the hurtful past she left behind in Pittsburgh is a lot closer than she thought.
Sexy, unpredictable, and as charmingly clever as ‘Mid Life Love,’ ‘At Last’ will captivate you from the first page and never let you go. 


Once the counseling session finally came to an end, we both shook Dr. Choate’s hand and said we’d be “in touch” about scheduling part two. As soon as the elevator doors opened, I rushed inside and pressed the “door close” button over and over—anxious to get far away from white sand and invasive notecards.
“What’s the rush, future wife?” Jonathan stepped directly in front of me and pressed my back against the wall. “Do you have another meeting to go to right now? Somewhere else where you plan on discussing our intimacy problems?”
“I never said we had intimacy problems…That was a mistake and you know it.”
“Hmmm.” He brushed his fingers against my necklace.
“I can’t believe you pushed me into telling him about our sex life.”
“He asked.”
“You didn’t have to tell him the truth.”
“I thought you wanted me to be honest.” He ran his fingers through my hair. “I’ve told you a million times that I don’t lie.”
“Well, why didn’t you tell him what I wrote down on that card?”
He slipped his hand underneath my skirt. “If you would like, we can go back up and I’ll happily tell him that my future wife wishes that my head was between her legs right now.”
I blushed and shook my head.
“Are you sure?” He tugged at my panties. “I’m not opposed to telling him that.”
“That’s okay…”
He lowered his mouth to my neck, taking his time to press gentle kisses into my skin as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
I looked up at the floor numbers that were flashing above the doors as we passed them by—Eleven, Ten, Nine, and pushed him away from me.
“We’re almost back in the lobby,” I murmured as I stepped to the other side.
“No. We’re not.” He hit the stop button and walked over to me, pressing me against the wall again. “I actually think we do have one huge intimacy problem, Claire.”
“Why is it that you can only be open with me about sex in text messages and notecards?”
“What are you talking about? That’s not—”
“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” He cut me off with a kiss and slowly hiked my skirt up to my stomach. “I always have to try and read your mind, or read between your little smart-ass comments when it comes to what you want…Why is that, Claire?”
“I…” I couldn’t focus when he looked at me like this, when he locked his eyes on mine and demanded answers that I didn’t have.
“If you like when I fuck you with my mouth, why don’t you ever say that when we’re at home?”
I bit my lip as he slipped a finger inside of me, as he held me steady with his other arm.
“Hmmm, Claire? I’m standing right here...Tell me what you want…”
“Jonathan…” I moaned; he was pressing his thumb against my clit, punishing it with slow, sensuous circles.
“You can’t tell me right now because you’d rather wait until you get to work and tell me in a text message?”
“Then tell me what you like…”
He closed the little space that was left between us, keeping his thumb busy, bringing his mouth close to my ear. “Tell me you love it when I fuck you with my mouth.”
“I do.”
“Say. It.”
I swallowed. “I love when you go down on me…”
He sighed and slowly pulled away from me, and I thought he was going to step over to the other side and hit the start button, but he spun me around so that I was facing the corner and gripped my waist. “You were right…We do need better communication.”

❥My Review:

I don't easily hand out 5 star ratings, but the Mid Life Love series is so fabulously written that I truly have no other option.

Claire and Jonathan's story continues in At Last.

Again, Claire impressed with her strength and resilience. In fact even more so in this book than the first. Both Ryan (her ex-husband) and Amanda (her ex-BFF) come back into her life and try to knock her down. Claire is just too strong to let that happen. She stands up for herself and never lets guard down.

There are tiny disagreements here and there between Jonathan and Claire, but nothing with the ability to tear them down. This couple never ceases to amaze me. They are such strong characters individually, and when they get together (well, not that they're ever really apart!) their connection and love is out of this world.

Jonathan is the ultimate alpha with just the right amount of serving of a romantic. He sends flowers to Claire daily. Even when they've had an argument, there they are sitting at her desk. Along with cutesy, but most of the time, lustful little notes.
Oh and about the prenup.. yeah, there isn't one. I mean what better way to say "I trust you and I believe in us" than not having a prenup?

The sex/love scenes between C & J were just a steamy as ever. I love that they know just how to work with that balance between "love-making" and "fucking". 

Something tells me those two crazy love birds are going to last!

*An eARC copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion/review.

My Rating: 5 Kisses

Here's a little graphic I made with one of my favorite parts of the book- Jonathan's note to Claire.

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About Whitney G.
A self-diagnosed candy addict, travel junkie, and hypochondriac, Whitney Gracia Williams LOVES to write about characters that make you laugh, cry, and want to (in the case of Selena Ross) reach through your Kindle and slap them.

She is the "imaginary bestselling" author of the Jilted Bride Series, Mid Life Love, Wasted Love, and Captain of My Soul.

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