A Rockin' Time In Anaheim +Giveaway

I've been busy with other blog related things and school stuff, but alas, I have a moment to sit and write about my experience at this past weekends author event.
This was my first event that I didn't attend by myself! I convinced my friend Raquel to give it a try. She agreed even before I added that we'd be going to Disneyland to sweeten the deal. She's also a writer and was interested in seeing what all goes down at these kinds of shindigs.

Granted this wasn't your run-of-the-mill signing!

The place was poppin'! The event took place at the House of Blues in Anaheim and the atmosphere in the area alone was great. Inside, there were tons of fans, authors, and yummy models. ;) Yep, just walking back and forth, flaunting their good looks.
I think even I was a bit overwhelmed with it. I've been to a few signings now, but this was on a whole other level. Sadly, I was too busy taking everything in, that I forgot to take any photos with the authors or models. *sigh* :( Next time!

I met every single author, and they were all so sweet. I sort of get starstruck when I go up to an author. I always see other fans chatting away like crazy, and I envy them. I'm a naturally shy person at first so that alone is a hurdle for me. Then if I start rambling about their books/characters, I would never be able to stop. There are also some authors that I'd obviously heard about but hadn't gotten around to reading their books. So then what do I chat about? Geez, I'm such an awkward mess.

I did finally get to meet Miss Kendall Ryan! I'm a part of her street team, so it was easier to converse with her. FYI: She's so tiny! She's like a sweet, petite angel that writes amazing stories with lots of naughtiness.
Kendall Ryan and me! I was fangirling on the inside, but I think I did a good job of keeping cool on the surface.
Overall, I had one of the best experiences I've ever had at a signing. I can't wait for the next one. I hope Kailin Gow can plan this again next year! <3

I always feel a bit odd taking so much of the swag that the authors offer, but seeing as I run a blog now, I had to get stuff for you guys to win!

Up for grabs is the event tote bag filled with some swag I gathered from various authors
A frame signed by all the attending authors

Attending Authors:
Katie Ashley
Kahlen Aymes
Belinda Boring
K. Bromberg
Renee Carlino
Eve Carter
Gretchen de la O
Kailin Gow
Monica James
Cassia Leo
RK Lilley
Raine Miller
Addison Moore
Tess Oliver
Laurelin Paige
Beverly Preston
CD Reiss
Kendall Ryan
Rebecca Shea
Lacey Weatherford

My friend Raquel and I at the bash

Me in front of the Disneyland Castle<3

Enjoying some yummy ice cream at Disneyland