An Introductory Post

Hello and welcome to The Valley of the Book Doll.
I have no clue whether anyone will ever read this actual post, or my blog for that matter, but the one thing that I enjoy doing the most (other than reading, of course), is writing. So even if no ones peepers ever land upon these words, I will have found my release either way.
As a wee little lass, I began my fascination with literature. My father would read to me, and some how my newly churning mind processed the stories. I would memorize the words and later recite the book back to him while I acted out scenes. My shelf of favorite books contained works such as: The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Charlotte’s Web, White Fang, and Little Women. Not to toot my own horn, but I was an excellent reader at my age. I was reading complex stories at a young age and while I may not have been able to fully grasp certain literary pieces, I was still able to consume the words and enjoy the stories. My shelf soon turned intoshelves. They started to fill up with Oliver Twist, Moby Dick, and Dracula. From the time up until I turned 13, you would never catch a glimpse of me without a book in hand. 
Sadly, when I was in middle school, I fell in with a bad crowd; or rather several different bad crowds. A crowd that consisted of kids who were constantly around drugs and other negative things. A crowd that liked to party and were “too cool for school”. Unfortunately, I pushed aside reading so I could hang with the “cool” kids and fit in. Looking back, I regret ever ignoring one of my greatest passions. In high school, I became so preoccupied with my dance team and just having fun that I often times grew too lazy to even do the assigned reading. Every now and then, my English teacher assigned a book that grabbed my attention. The Outsiders, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, Hamlet. I did manage to actually read those titles cover to cover, yet I still didn’t manage to return to reading for pleasure.
It wasn’t until sometime after I had graduated from high school that I came across a few indie authors. I was browsing iBooks on my iPad and I saw some names that caught my eye. Abbi Glines was one of the first authors that brought my reading addiction back to life. From then on, I just continued to find new authors through her and various blogs that I had come across. The writing bug I once had, came along for the ride as well, but that’s a whole other story.
I was immediately taken by both the YA (young adult) and NA (new adult) genre. Maybe I enjoy YA because I miss high school (or maybe not) but I certainly enjoy reading about first times: love, kiss, crush, sex, etc. Perhaps I love reading NA because I’m in that age group at the moment. Or maybe it’s just because these authors writing is so strong that they have the power to capture anyone. I find it funny that I actually read more complex, adult literature as a child, but now choose to read more fun novels. I’m not saying that these books are written for airheads and have no depth. Simply that the content flows more swiftly and isn’t always so blah. I also find that these two genres are more fast paced than most adult novels. They’re more action packed and straight to the point. Where as certain adult targeted novels spend the first 5 chapters describing the Summer day or the interior of a place. I could go on and on about this topic, but my bottom is beginning to get a bit numb. This is, after all, an intro post, NOT a thesis on differences of genre lit. 
That being said, let me get to the nitty gritty. Now that I’m back in the game, I’m coming at you in style. I want to be able to discuss the books I read with others. I want to get people to want to read or perhaps start again. I have no set format or any inkling of how I’m going to do this. I’m new to writing reviews but I’m going to take a crack at it. I’ve never had a blog of this sort but here I am. So if by some magical possibility, you didn’t fall asleep or tire of my rant and are still reading this, I ask that you give me a chance. Please bear with me, as I settle in. Come along for the ride! Stay a while! Pull up a chair, bring your Kindle/Nook/iPad/Book, get comfortable, and let’s have fun in THE VALLEY OF THE BOOK DOLL.