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Melanie Harlow's debut novel, Speak Easy, is on sale now!

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**Warning** This is not your grandmother’s historical romance. If you’re looking for blushing maidens or proper gentlemen who ask permission to kiss the girl, this is not the book for you.

But if you like strong female heroines who take what they want and sexy dangerous men who can’t be trusted, look no further. If sizzling sexual tension and fast-paced action against a backdrop of Prohibition-era ambience sounds like your kind of cocktail—enter here. But beware…

Temptation is everywhere. And anything goes.

By day twenty-year-old Tiny O’Mara works for her father’s smalltime bootlegging operation, but by night she craves the roll-your-stockings-down lifestyle of a flapper—until her father is kidnapped by a mobster in Detroit's exploding organized crime scene, and it’s Tiny who has to come up with the ten-thousand-dollar ransom…in one week.

Suddenly she’s thrust into an intoxicating und…

Thrifty Thursday

**Current sales and freebies on Amazon**
~~$.99~~ Let You Leave
(novella included in this special edition of Keep Me Still)

Layla Flaherty had the perfect life, or close to it. Until a stranger gunned her parents down right in front of her, leaving her with seizure inducing PTSD. After years of trying to pass as normal and failing miserably, she resigns herself to being invisible. But new to town Landen O’Brien sees her, and he likes what he sees. Much to Layla’s surprise, he doesn’t freak out when she has a seizure in front of him. He does the exact opposite, calming her until the tremors subside. But Landen has secrets of his own. Secrets that will either bind them together or tear them apart.

Keep Me Still

Scarred by loss, Layla leaves her hometown of Hope Springs, Georgia, hoping to put her painful past behind her and start over in college in California. When she runs into Landen at freshmen orientation, she has a choice to make. Reinforce those steel walls she's built up around her…

An Introductory Post

Hello and welcome to The Valley of the Book Doll. I have no clue whether anyone will ever read this actual post, or my blog for that matter, but the one thing that I enjoy doing the most (other than reading, of course), is writing. So even if no ones peepers ever land upon these words, I will have found my release either way. As a wee little lass, I began my fascination with literature. My father would read to me, and some how my newly churning mind processed the stories. I would memorize the words and later recite the book back to him while I acted out scenes. My shelf of favorite books contained works such as: The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Charlotte’s Web, White Fang, and Little Women. Not to toot my own horn, but I was an excellent reader at my age. I was reading complex stories at a young age and while I may not have been able to fully grasp certain literary pieces, I was still able to consume the words and enjoy the stories. My shelf soon turned intoshelves. They started to fill…